Indicators Current Period Previous Period
GDP (%) Jan-Mar 2017-18 7.70 Oct-Dec 2017-18 7.00
IIP (%) Apr-18 4.90 Mar-18 4.60
Export (USD bn) May-18 28.86 Apr-18 25.91
Import (USD bn) May-18 43.48 Apr-18 39.63
Trade Deficit (USD bn) May-18 14.62 Apr-18 13.72
M3 Growth (%) 8th June 10.40 11th May 10.00
Total Reserves (USD Bn) 15th June 410.07 1st June 412.22
Aggregate Deposit (Rs. Crore) 8th June 114,04,300 25th May 113,97,090
--Time Deposits 8th June 102,43,310 25th May 102,18,850
Aggregate Bank Credit (Rs. Crore) 8th June 85,98,700 25th May 85,63,990
--Non-Food Credit 8th June 85,33,030 25th May 85,11,080
Aggregate Investment in G-Sec (Rs. Crore) 25th May 33,82,714 11th May 34,00,094
Credit Growth (YoY) (%) 8th June 12.70 25th May 13.10
Deposit Growth (YoY) (%) 8th June 8.40 25th May 8.50
Nymex (Oil) ($/brl) 22nd June 68.58 15th June 65.06
Gold ($/oz) 22nd June 1275.85 15th June 1288.40
BSE Sensex 22nd June 35,689 15th June 35,622
Outstanding WMA (Rs. Crore) 1st June 350.00 25th May 1311.00
Gross Budgeted Borrowing FY2018-19 (Rs. cr.) 6,06,000.00
Net Budgeted Borrowing (Rs. cr.) 4,62,600.00
Gross Borrowing Completed (Rs.cr.) 1,33,000.00

Mile yahan, Dono Jahan

True to its new tag line, "Mile Yahan Dono Jahan", Saraswat Bank is committed to bridging the gap between technology and tradition by bringing to its customers the best of both worlds.

Keeping tradition intact and embracing technology, the Bank has matched strides with India's digital revolution by offering various digital banking services designed to make banking more easy and convenient like mobile banking, internet banking, international VISA EMV and RuPay chip cards, etc. Simultaneously, through its emphasis on personalized attention, the Bank has maintained its personal touch with customers. Agility of the small bank with the ability of the large bank has been Saraswat Bank's enduring heritage new.

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