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Export Facilities
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Export Facilities

  • Export Credit
  • Advising of Letters of credit.
  • Export bills on collection basis.

Export Credit
We assist exporters to compete in the International Markets by extending fund based/non fund based credit facilities. We offer credit facility to exporters by way of,
  1. Pre-shipment credit finances:- working capital advance granted to exporters to facilitate execution of export order
    • Pre shipment credit finance is disbursed in Indian Rupees/Foreign currency.
    • We offer competitive rate of interest to enable exporters to compete in International Markets.
  1. Post shipment finances:-
    • Offered by way of timely negotiation of export documents drawn under letter of credit to enable exporters to get finance faster.
    • Purchase/discount of export bills.
    • Post shipment advance is disbursed in Indian Rupees/Foreign Currency.

Advising of Letters of credit
  • Export letters of credit received by Saraswat Bank in your favour are advised to you promptly.
  • You may instruct your overseas buyer to utilize our services for faster advising of export letters of credit to you.
  • We also ensure prompt advising of the amendments to the export letters of credit. 

Export bills on collection basis
  • Saraswat Bank handles the export bills on collection basis with accuracy and speed.
  • Documents are dispatched for collection within 24 hours.
  • Handling of export bills are subject to UCPDC/URC as the case may be and FEMA provisions and FEDAI rules.