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"On behalf of Kris Flexipacks Pvt Ltd, it is my privilege to offer your bank a humble testimonial to our deep & long standing relationship, and to the invaluable partnership that your bank has had with our Company.

As you are aware, we are today a recognized & respected Company in our business segment. But where we are today would not have been possible but for the Rs. 1 lakh loan that your bank so readily offered us as long ago as 1985! We are at a landmark 25 years in our wonderful partnership only because your bank had the insight to support and encourage us in our ambitious plans with that Rs. 1 Lakh loan, to realize our dreams by planting the seeds for our Growth.

We are, therefore, more than grateful to your respected institution not only for the start that you gave us in this journey but also for the constant and strong support that you provided us through our difficult years as our sole bank till 2008, with facilities reaching as high as Rs. 75 Crores. But our partnership does not end there, even with the consortium of Banks, it has always been Saraswat Bank that we have relied on as a true, caring & supportive partner in our hour of need. One example that we can never forget in our company history is in 2012 when the company faced a temporary crisis. It was Saraswat Bank that responded with amazing speed, willingness & understanding to provide us with a Corporate Loan to tide over our crisis. We are confident that no other Banker would have responded in this speed. It once again reaffirmed the very admirable & strong spirit of partnership that is ingrained in your Bank's culture.

Having had the honour & privilege of a long association with Saraswat Bank, I have no hesitation in recommending your Bank as a true partner to any SME. From my experience, it is clear that your Bank has successfully ingrained in your culture a sense of willingness, admirable support for your clients by being highly responsive & sensitive to their needs, a clear understanding of your clients' needs with the ways & means of fulfilling these needs. In other words, your established culture enables Saraswat Bank to embody all the finest qualities of a true & valued business partner – all the finest qualities that are difficult to find so easily in any single Banker!

I trust every effort will be made to keep this spirit & culture alive in your Bank – it is what Industry & the Economy require to nurture Growth. We look forward to an even closer relationship with Saraswat Bank in the next 25 years of our partnership! "
Chairman & Managing Director
Kris Flexipacks Pvt Ltd

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"Our association with Saraswat Bank is similar to an association of earth to a seed which grows to a giant banyan tree where the growth is always on and the support is also always on. We have started with Saraswat Bank as our bankers and today also among the consortium of bankers, Saraswat Bank has always been our lead bank.

All our projects that we set up in Jammu (J&K State), in Achhad (Maharashtra), in Umbergaon and Tumb (Gujarat), in Naroli, Athal & Piparia in Silvassa (Union Territory) and in Pollachi (Tamil Nadu) we have received full support from Saraswat Bank.

The Senior Management of the bank is proactive and understands our needs well. We feel Saraswat Bank is a part of the Hindustan Pencil family and a "True Apna Bank" which we can approach anytime without hesitation. We feel proud in being associated with Saraswat Bank a number one bank as it is the most progressive Co-op. Bank in India. "
-Hindustan Pencils
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