To provide customers safety in cheque payments and reduce instances of fraud occurring on account of tampering of cheque leaves, Saraswat Bank introduces a mechanism of Positive Pay for all cheques of value ₹5,00,000 and above. Through Positive Pay, cheques will be processed for payment by the drawee bank based on information passed on by its customer at the time of issuance of the cheque.

There are various modes through which customers can update the Bank on the issuance of the cheque

  1. Click Here to update.


  1. Through Internet Banking: Click – Menu > Positive Pay System.


  1. Contact the nearest branch, fill in the necessary Application Form and submit the same to the branch.


  1. You need to share the following details of the issued cheque at least 24 working hours before the cheque is presented in the clearing.
  2. When the payee submits the cheque for realization via CTS clearing, details (account no./cheque no. and cheque amount) will be validated which have been provided to the Bank through Positive Pay.
  3. Positive Pay System enables an additional security layer to the cheque clearing process.

Positive Pay confirmation through Saraswat Bank website :-

Step 1  - Click Positive Pay from Saraswat Bank website
Step 2* - Enter Customer Number & PAN Number for validation purpose, after validation, customer will
get the OTP on registered mobile No.
Step 3  - All the accounts on the basis of customer number will be displayed, select Account no. from
drop down list.
Step 4  - Input Cheque Number, Select the date of the instrument, Cheque amount (minimum of Rs.
50,000/- and above) & Payee name.
Step 5  - Submit the data post verification of details

*If PAN number is not updated in bank records, kindly contact nearest branch to update Positive Pay details.