Our objective is to empower you through your mobile phone to do host of banking transactions from balance enquiry to fund transfer to updating email id to blocking of cards and so on, all of it without the need of internet or data. That is why we have brought Saraswat Bank at your fingertips. In addition to our Saraswat Bank Mobile Banking GOMO App, our new app ‘Saraswat Bank Connect’ goes beyond just servicing Saraswat Bank customers as it can be used by non-customers as well.

Saraswat Bank Connect only uses your mobile network and executes all transactions through missed call or SMS. With this app you don’t have to remember/ store Saraswat Bank’s missed call numbers and SMS keywords. The app is designed to do trigger all the services through missed call or SMS just at a tap of the icon.


  1. Give a Missed Call:
  2. For Balance Enquiry
  3. To Activate/Deactivate Cards
  4. To Block your Card
  5. To Unblock mobile and internet banking user ID
  6. Send an SMS for Statement Request
  7. Send SMS to transfer funds (SMS Banking)
  8. Update your email id
  9. Apply for loan
  10. Request for Deposit


Get Sarsawat Bank Connect for Android


  1. Missed call service comes at no charge
  2. SMS banking charges will be as per the your mobile network’s plan
  3. No Mobile data/Internet/WIFI is required to use any of the features of this app except while initial download of the app from the Android Play store or to install updates
  4. “Saraswat Bank Connect” is currently available only on Android
  5. Non Saraswat Bank customers can also use Saraswat Bank Connect app for applying for loans and deposits