Saraswat Bank KeyPayy wlecomes you to the world of contactless payments. You can use your KeyPayy across a wide network of merchants in India accepting RuPay ON-THE-GO.
KeyPayy allows you to make payments with a single tap at any NFC-enabled POS terminal.

KeyPayy ensures-

1) Payments on the go - Convenience of payments with no additional instrument to make payments
2) Digitization of small value payments - With the ease that comes with ON-THE-GO payments, comes the opportunity to increase small value digital payments.
3) Increased Customer Convenience - By not just providing an accessory, but additionally making it ON-THE-GO payment instrument, it increases customer convenience.


  1. Leveraging NFC technology for faster payments
  2. Shorter transaction processing
  3. Open loop solution
  4. Supports payments on different form factors
  5. High security
  6. Interoperable
  7. 5 years Validity



  1. Quick transaction with contactless mode.
  2. Reduced cash holding.
  3. Digital Trail for all transactions.
  4. Personal Accident Insurance cover - Sum insured of ₹ 2 lakh.

Start Tapping All Your Payments

  1. Cardless and Mobileless Shopping upto ₹5,000.
  2. Tap+Pin for transaction above ₹5,000 upto ₹1 lakh.
  3. For transaction above ₹5,000, generate PIN through Mobile Banking App.

1) Login to Mobile Banking App
2) Select Card Services
3) Select Generate Debit Card PIN
4) Select Account number
5) Select Card number allotted for KeyPayy
6) Enter Expiry details and CVV
7) Enter PIN
8) Confirm PIN
9) Submit

Fees & Charges:

  1. Issuance fees: ₹500+ GST
  2. Annual Maintenance Charges: ₹200+ GST
  3. Replacement Charges: ₹500+ GST