To enable contactless payments with a single tap at any NFC-enabled POS terminal, your Bank brings you a Visa Platinum International Contactless Debit Card. With this card you can make payments with just a wave/tap of your card.


  1. One wave - No swiping, signing or PIN needed.
  2. Seamless capture - The secure reader receives payment information through radio frequency.
  3. Efficiency can result in shorter lines - Faster checkout can support greater transaction volume.


  1. Speed, convenience, and security of transactions.
  2. Improved efficiency resulting in reduced wait time.
  3. Enhanced security and reduced risk of fraud.
  4. Reduce risk of cash handling.
  5. Faster and more convenient electronic payments.
  6. Accepted at 53.9 million POS terminals in India.
  7. Withdraw cash at 2.5 lakh ATMs in India.

Fees and Charges

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Apply for Visa Platinum International Debit Card

» Click here  to download the 'Digital Channel Registration Form' & submit the same to your nearest branch. (Click here  to locate nearest branch)

PIN Generation

» Download our Mobile Banking application (Get GoMo for Android / iOS)  from your respective play store/app store
» Visit your nearest Saraswat Bank ATM.