Purpose To pursue gainful activities and for purchase of any consumer items, bicycles, house repairs, medical expenses, education and any other lawful need or even as working capital /loan for his/her activity.
Eligibility One loan per Ration card
Loan Amount Maximum Rs 100,000/-
Margin Nil - For self consumption, working capital, personal expenses
20% - in case of Asset creation
Income Criteria Business man/ salary earners having minimum income of Rs. 20,000/- p.m. and maximum Rs. 100,000/- p.m.
Asset value Criteria Total requirement of the borrower or Rs. 50,000/- whichever is lower
20% margin to be maintained in case of asset creation
Rate of interest 16% p.a.
Repayment Minimum 12 months - Maximum 36 months
Guarantors 1. Cross guarantees of group of 2 persons.
2. One person can guarantee maximum 2 loans.
3. Maximum one member from family can be obtained as guarantor
4. Of the 2 guarantors atleast 1 to be an income earner
Processing fee Nil
Share holding Nominal membership of applicant and guarantor
Documents 1. Photograph, Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID, PAN Card of the Borrower and Guarantors
2. 6 months bank statement; in case account maintained with other bank
3. Proforma Invoice in case of Asset creation
4. Declaration for end use of the funds

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