Term Loan/ Working Capital scheme for Professionals and Small Business Enterprise which takes care of their financial requirements. 


Max Rs.50 lakh for Professionals, Retail Traders, Small Businessman (Services) and Small Businessman (Manufacturing)


  1. Working Capital: 20% of Net Turnover for manufacturer and 15% for Traders & services
    Term Loan:
    (1) 4 times of Gross Cash Accruals (Average of last 3 years or latest audited Gross cash accruals)                    Or
    (2) 70% of Realisable value or 60% of market value of new asset to be purchased
         (1) or (2) whichever is lower.

Rate of Interest:

  1. PLR - 2.35% i.e. 11.65%.
  2. 0.10% concession for woman entrepreneur


  1. Max: 7 years
  2. Max moratorium period: 1 year


Primary security: Mortgage or hypothecation of Fixed Assets and for working capital charge on current assets.
Collateral Security:
Term loan for acquiring office/shop premises – Nil
Term Loan for acquiring other assets and/ or Working Capital limit –
Upto Rs.10 lakh: Nil
Above Rs.10 lakh & Upto Rs.25 lakh :25% of advance
Above Rs.25 lakh: 50% of advance
Fresh Valuation of all the assets mortgaged is necessary


2.5% of facilities sanctioned, max. Rs.25,000

Processing fees:

  1. Upto Rs. 5 lakh: Nil
  2. Upto Rs. 10 lakh Rs.5,000
  3. Upto Rs. 25 lakh Rs.7,000
  4. Above Rs.25 lakh Rs.10,000

Exclusive of applicable taxes


For loans upto Rs 2 lakh
  1. Self attested financial statements
  2. SETU certificate from SETU office
  3. Bank statement of 6 months

For loans upto Rs 10 lakh
  1. CA certified latest financial statement
  2. ITR of latest year
  3. Bank statement of 6 months
  4. Stock statement of 3 months

For loans above Rs 10 lakh
  1. CA certified financial statements for atleast last 2 years
  2. IT with computation of income for atleast last 2 years
  3. Bank statement for 6 months
  4. Documents for creating mortgage as per bank list
  5. Self declaration for Asset -liability