With an experience of over 100 years, Saraswat Bank has grown bigger with the support of its clientele. As a part of our duty, in helping them flourish, we provide a variety of credit facilities to our Corporate customers. Here is a list of a few credit services that we offer.

Bank Guarantee:

The Bank issues various types of guarantees—performance, financial, bid bond, tenders, customs etc. for its customers. Our guarantees are well accepted by all government agencies including Customs, Excise, Insurance Companies, Shipping Companies and all major corporates.
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Bill Discounting:

Facilities that are customized to suit your requirement for short-term finance, from the date of sale to date of receipt of payment thereof. Our processes are simple, allowing you to establish single window contact with dedicated personnel at any of our branches as per your convenience.
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Letters of Credit (Inland & Foreign):

The Bank provides Letter of Credit facility for its customers to meet their trade purchases. These are generally provided for 3 to 6 months, depending upon your trade cycle. Apart from this, we provide Import Letter of Credit for importing machinery or capital goods. Such Letters of Credit are for a tenure ranging from 1 to 3 years depending upon the tenure.
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