In 1979, after Saraswat Bank was granted the status of an Authorised Dealer in Foreign Exchange, it has emerged as a market leader in providing Trade Finance services. With exclusive features for smooth administration of your trade deals, we offer a gamut of products for both exporters and importers.

Features of Trade Finance:

  1. Our International Banking Division plays an active role in Forex operations through its 9 Forex centres.
  2. Correspondent Banking relations with 244 centres of various banks spread over 58 countries aid in smoother transactions.
  3. Maintaining foreign currency accounts in 10 major currencies of the world.
  4. A well equipped Treasury Department.
  5. Member of SWIFT network for speedy, accurate and safe Funds Transfer.

In case of any assistance/information you may contact:

Mr. Ravindra Sawant  - Head: International Banking Division
Kimatrai Building, 1st Floor, 77-79, Maharshi Karve Road,
Marine Lines, Mumbai - 400 002.
Contact no: +91-22-49205601, 49205617
Fax no: +91-22-22096019

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