Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI)
                                               List of all nostro correspondents
                                                    SWIFT code: SRCBINBB
          Our account name with corresponding Bank: Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd.

currency Corresponding Bank SWIFT code Account Details
US Dollars Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
11 Penn Plaza, 4th Floor,
New York, USA, N.Y 10001.
PNBPUS3NNYC Account No.: 2000193008124
CHIPS ABA No.: 0509
FED ABA No.: 026005092
US Dollars Standard Chartered Bank
One Medison Avenue,
New York NY10010-3603
SCBLUS33 Account No.: 3582-084152-001
US Dollars Mashreq Bank
50, Broadway Suite 1500,
New York 10004 USA.
MSHQUS33 Account No.: 70008955
CHIPS ABA No.: 0174
FED ABA No.: 026011743
GBP Standard Chartered Bank
1 Basinghall Avenue,
London EC2V 5DD, U.K .
SCBLGB2L Account No.: 01270222301
Sort Code: 609104
IBAN: GB58 SCBL 6091 0412702223
Euro Wells Fargo Bank NA
1 Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street,
London, EC 3M 3BD, UK.
PNBPGB2L Account No.: 06380162
IBAN: GB11 PNBP 1656 7106 3801 62
Euro Standard Chartered Bank (Germany)
GMBH, Franklinstrasse 46-48, 60486,
Frankfurt / Main, Germany.
SCBLDEFX Account No.: 18072600
IBAN: DE78512305000018072600
Euro Commerzbank AG
60326 Frankfurt AM Main, Frankfurt, Deutschland.
COBADEFF Account No.: 400875029100
Australian Dollars ANZ Bank
351, Collins Street,
P.O. Box:537-E
Melbourne, Australia.
ANZBAU3M Account No.: 294074-00001
BSB: 013024
Canadian Dollar National Bank of Canada
600, Rue De La Gauchetiere Quest,
5th Floor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
BNDCCAMMINT Account No.: 099468 228 001 001 01
Japanese Yen Standard Chartered Bank
21st Floor, Sanno Park Tower,
2-11-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda- Ku,
Tokyo-100-6155,  Japan.
SCBLJPJTXXX Account No.: 23770631110
Hong Kong Dollars Standard Chartered Bank
7, F Standard Chartered Tower,
388, Kwun Tong Road,
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.
SCBLHKHH Account No.: 44719057682
Singapore Dollars Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
8, Marina Boulevard 27-01, Marina Bay Financial centre,
Singapore 01898.
SCBLSG22 Account No.: 0106356445
Swiss Francs Commerzbank AG.
Frankfurt AM Main
COBADEFFXXX Account No.: 400875029100CHF
Arab Emirate Dirham Standard Chartered Bank
DIFC Building 1, 3rd Floor,
P.O. Box 999, Dubai, UAE.
SCBLAEADXXX Account No.: 15 2099487 01
IBAN: AE200440000015209948701

Please note that SWIFT Code of the intermediary bank mentioned above is currency specific and common for all branches of Saraswat Bank.
“Please note that if the remittance is from OFAC sanction countries, there is a risk of seizure/confiscation of funds by US authorities. You are advised to take note/due care regarding the same. Latest list on OFAC Sanctions Programs will be available on www.treas.gov/ofac website. “