Considering the changes in Indian demographics (more than 70%of the population below the age of 35), changes in investment pattern (rising disposable incomes created a huge potential for investment in Insurance and Mutual Funds), increased competition and thinning of Interest margins, the Indian Banking Industry had to redesign their bouquet of products and introduce marketing of third party products like Insurance and Mutual Funds, to increase fee based income.

Mutual Fund Distributors have been providing the much needed last mile connect with investors,  this is not limited to just enabling investors to invest in appropriate schemes, but also in helping investors stay on course through bouts of market volatility and thus experience the benefit of investing in mutual funds.
Mutual Fund Industry is witnessing steady positive inflows, this is largely because of the ‘hand-holding’ of the investors by the Mutual Fund distributors and convincing them to stay invested.

MF distributors have also had a major role in popularizing Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) over the years. Indian Mutual Funds have currently about 4.91 crore SIP accounts through which investors regularly invest in Indian Mutual Fund schemes. Total amount collected through SIP during December 31,2021 as on Rs.89,283 crore and SIP AUM(Asset Under Management) stood around Rs.5,65,240 crore.

Our bank has entered into Mutual fund distribution business and today we have a successful tie up with few fund houses. The AUM of the Indian Mutual Fund Industry has grown from Rs.6.11 lakh crore as on December 31,2011 to 37.73 lakh crore as a December 31,2021 more than 6-fold increase in a span of 10years.
Total AUM of Industry AUM Crossed first time in December 31, 2021 is 37.73 lakh crore. The Mutual Fund industry currently has 44 Fund houses with more than 2500 schemes spread across different categories.

Following are the list of Asset Management Companies wherein Bank has Tie up for Mutual Fund Distribution:

Sr. No Name of AMC
2 Nippon India AMC
3 Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC
6 ICICI Prudential AMC

Source: AMFI data as on 31.12.2021

Commission and Other Disclosures

  1. HDFC Brokerage Structure - July to Sep 2023
  2. NIPPON Brokerage Structure- September  2023
  3. Aditya Birla Sun Life brokerage Structure July to Sep 2023
  4. LICMF Brokerage Structure- Aug to Sep 2023
  5. HSBC Brokerage structure- Apr to June 2023
  6. ICICI Brokerage Structure- September 2023
  7. SBI Brokerage structure - Apr to June  2023

The forms of the various schemes of the fund houses are available at all our branches. For any further assistance, you may visit our nearest branch or call the Customer Service Centre on Toll-Free Number 1800229999.